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Corporate Advisory

Our team is always ready to lead restructuring initiatives across a wide range of industries, to answer questions of senior managers and CEOs about management and business processes optimization, quality management systems (ISO 9001) and strategic planning. We escort business owners by assisting at the concept creation by furnishing the feasibility study, and after that the business plan and venture capital proposal till the incorporation of the entity and later on the yearly audit and valuation reports if needed.

Whether a business faces imminent failure or serious cash-flow, operational or financial problems, Business Advisors forensic accounting, litigation consultants and financial due diligence advisors can help. From improving profitability to managing insolvency, our team of specialists provides a comprehensive range of services that deliver creative solutions to complex situations.

Family Office

- Assist HNWI in setting up their family offices and trust structures.
- Oversee the management and strategic development of the Family Office.
- Seek inputs from family and develop and implement Family Office strategy and annual operational plans and budgets.
- Wealth planning and review of investment strategies in line with the family risk profile Oversight of all family assets, properties, trusts and other relevant interests.
- Ensure efficient asset management/protection of the family members’ own use properties..
- Oversee and coordinate the agreed charity and philanthropic activities which are motivated by the core values of the family.
- Coordinate and manage the incorporation of family trusts and thereafter administration of their activities. Keep custody of all documents including agenda, minutes, and other relevant documents.
- Implement agreed Family Governance protocols including those pertaining to family constitution, council and assemblies. Manage and coordinate these activities/events.
- Manage other estate planning activities for the family including life/medical insurance, wills/gifts, etc.
- Responsible for direct and indirect tax planning and accounting including managing estate tax/property tax, planning and compliance. Oversee the preparation of financial records/statements, tax returns and periodic reports in coordination with the local tax firm.
- Liaise with outside Counsel, Trustees, Accountants, Valuation experts and Property Consultants.
- Oversee implementation of an effective succession program involving rigorous training and grooming of next generation of family members/successors. This would cover individual coaching, equipping them with necessary skills and knowledge needed to run business efficiently and provide mechanism for smooth and sustainable transition. Coordinate knowledge enriching programs and act as guide and advisor.
- Ensure general services are delivered by the Family Office to meet the family’s needs (e.g. travel, medical services, reservations, general logistics, etc.). Make sure that the services provided are of high standards.
- Serve as trusted advisor for multiple family generations and take up special projects as required and participate in strategic initiatives.

Financial advisory

Organizations confronted with complex financial difficulties, those about to engage in mergers or acquisitions and those expanding to other markets often require special expertise to better uncover evidentiary matters, find assets, develop claims, value and restructure their business.

BA delves beneath the surface and beyond the obvious, applying intuition, critical analysis and a perceptive understanding of human behavior to obtain a true picture of key events, transactions and business dealings. Our financial and restructuring services include forensic investigations, litigation consulting and financial & tax due diligence services. BA provides credible and verifiable information that will stand up to the toughest scrutiny.

Forensic Accounting

BA offers forensic accounting services, frequently in tandem with its investigative or corporate advisory services. Through the combined experience of forensic accountants, we offer forensic financial and investigative services and can respond immediately, discreetly and comprehensively to any wrongdoing. BA's professionals include forensic accountants, business valuators, attorneys, financial analysts. They apply financial, investigative, and technological expertise to provide clients with independent, objective advice and expert testimony.

BA's forensic accountants identify and analyze relevant business records, reconstruct books and records and interview parties to determine if fraud has occurred and to quantify its financial impact. Our services encompass, but are not limited to fraud investigations and litigation, procurement fraud investigations, asset tracing and recovery, employee fraud and theft investigations, management fraud and theft investigations, systems consulting, security and internal control reviews, training on fraud awareness, and prevention and related topics.

Litigation Consulting

When parties are embroiled in complex commercial litigation, BA's forensic accountants and litigation consultants investigate, assess and quantify economic damages. They examine all the facts to deliver objective and supported expert reports and assist with all aspects of litigation – initial assessments, discoveries, critiquing other experts' reports, addressing liability issues. BA assists law firms and corporate clients in engagements involving breach of contract, misrepresentation, securities litigation, intellectual property disputes.

As required and in close coordination with legal counsel, we are able to provide litigation support to in-house and external counsel in matters involving corporate interests. The information obtained is reviewed for any additional leads, summarized and provided to our clients on an ongoing basis.

Financial & Tax Due Diligence

BA's forensic accountants and litigation consultants are frequently retained by investor groups in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, distribution arrangements and other investments to assist in the due diligence process. They apply their forensic accounting and business acumen to the review of financial statements, tax returns, major contracts, and other relevant documents. In addition, they interview key personnel. They look for unrealistic projections; overstated assets and revenues; unrecorded or understated expenses and liabilities, liens and judgments; and misrepresentation and non-disclosure of material facts.

BA's financial due diligence services often work in conjunction with investigative due diligence services, which include assessing the target's reputation, management style, undisclosed business relationships or litigation, and other factors that indicate risk.

Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

We were pioneers in introducing to the business community in the region, the CFO outsourcing service. Small to midsized companies found that business solution as very strategic and reliable. From monitoring and reviewing the accounts of a firm, till the reporting and analysis, without forgetting about the budgeting and forecasting, our CFOs conduct all of these tasks and deliver on time, leaving the appropriate decision making for the business owners.

Traditional accounting is being also performed by our specialized teams in order to keep our client’s books accurate and up to date at any point in time.

Risk Management

Risk assessment is always highly recommended for our new clients in order to depict the gaps or area of concern in their operations and processes. Disaster recovery, business interruption, third party liability, employee’s dishonesty, breach of duty, concentration risk, credit risk, financial risk and operational risk are words that all of us heard somewhere, but at Business Advisors we master the tools that mitigate and limit these risks.

Credit insurance for credit risk, hedging for financial and market risk, outsourcing for operating leverage are some of the solutions recommended by our risk management experts.


Asset and business valuations can affect every aspect of your business, especially for privately held companies, which is the case of the majority of the firms working in our area.

Whether you are merging or selling a company or division, allocating a purchase price, testing for goodwill impairment for reporting purposes, entering a licensing arrangement, pursuing or defending litigation or addressing taxation concerns, BA’s multi-disciplined team of valuators should be a key part of your strategy.


Our CPAs are independent and competent and comply with the local rules and regulations, and with IFRS as well. Corporate governance and SOX compliance is a must for our clients, despite the fact that it is not required by our local authorities.

Internal audit is highly requested by our clients in order to maintain the adequate internal control which will permit an independent and transparent financial reporting, and will minimize the probability of fraud and manipulation of the reports.


We furnish multinational companies by group tax structure proposals in order to minimize their tax exposure, and enhance their tax planning skills. As for small to midsized companies we provide a complete outsourcing service for the tax fillings, and we assist them upon the tax assessment done by the tax authorities.

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